[Celebrity Gossip] I Am Addicted To Attacks From Colleagues- Sarkodie

Ghanaian Rapper Sarkodie has disclosed that nothing surprises him anymore as he’s now addicted to attacks from colleagues in the music industry. Sarkodie has been one of the artist in the industry who’s mostly attacked by his fellow colleagues especially when they want to ride on his fame to get all known by the public.

There have several artists who have beefed with Sarkodie in the past years. The recent beef is from Rapper Asem and Gasmila over who owns “Azonto”. Rapper Asem not too long ago, beefed Sarkodie because he wanted to announce his presence to Ghanaians once again. Speaking in an interview on Accra-based OKAY FM, the rapper stated that he used to get affected whenever some people use him to launch their careers by attacking him but now he sees it as a blessing.

To him, without the attacks he will not know that he’s done marvelously well with his career in music and people are looking up to him so they are necessary.

He noted that people want him to be what he’s not but as a leader, you don’t need to fall for all that people say so he picks constructive criticism and does away with people who just want him to live like how they want.

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