[Entertainent] Sarkodie Is Comfortably Leading Shatta Wale’s #Fapimso with his #Fahookime (Details)

Two of Ghana’s greatest musicians, Sarkodie and Shatta Wale have brought the music industry back to life with their brand new singles dubbed ‘Fa Hooki Me’ and ‘Fapimso’ respectively. Though the artists released their songs within different hours in different timezones, fans cannot do away with the comparisons and the numbers game.It is clear that Sark’s Fa Hooki Me is a global hit, whilst Shatta’s Fapimso , as usual has become a fan anthem among the dancehall king’s artists.

Shatta Wale released his new song, ‘Fapimso’ about 22 hours ago. Though many expected the dancehall musician to hit huge numbers on YouTube and other streaming platforms following the release of the song, it has rather seen low patronage as compared to Sark’s ‘Fa Hooki Me’ which was released just 17 hours ago, as at the time of this report.Shatta’s ‘Fapimso‘ has so far, as at 4 pm GMT, gained 45,409 views on YouTube. Meanwhile, the number of dislikes is a little above 2% of the total number of views. The song aside gaining 45k views has 327 dislikes and 4k likes. After the premier of 22hours

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On the other hand, Sarkodie’s ‘Fa Hooki Me‘ which was released just 17 hours ago has gained 2.4 times the number of views Shatta’s ‘Fapimso’ has. ‘Fa Hooki Me’ has gained 96,409 views so far. The number of dislikes on Sark’s video is less than 2% of his total views.The song, unlike Shatta’s ‘Fapimso’ has gained over 9,000 likes.

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