[Entertainment] Women Be careful of the kind of men you open your leg for – Turned Woman Bobrisky

Popular Nigerian cross-dresser and socialite, Bobrisky, has sent a word of caution to ladies out there who out of desperation serve as a sexual football played by men.Bobrisky observed that many single yet hungry women hit him on social media begging for help in terms of money for food and toiletries.

On the back of that, Bobrisky is concerned that most of these women will fall prey to promiscuous men who will derive sexual fantasies from them.

Therefore, Bobrisky is warning women not to be desperate to open their legs or got to bed with any kind of man because to be forewarned is to be forwarned.He wrote on his Instagram page as follows:

Some of dis ladies won’t hear 👂Not every man that comes your way you open your leg for. Some men are useless ! I repeat some of them are useless. After impregnating you they will get BUSY. When they are busy running after u their phones are open 🙄. My dm is filled up with single mothers sending me their baby pic. If you will have to have fun use CONDOM pls. Don’t just bring an innocent child to suffer. Pls take note !

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