[News] Hon. Bobi Wine Returns shs.20m Calls it “Bribe Money”

Kyadondo East MP Robert Robert Ssentamu Kyagulanyi and leader of People Power like he promised, has Thursday refunded shs 20 million to Parliamentary Commission. The money had been released by the institution to facilitate 459 legislators to help in sensitizing their constituents in fighting the Coronavirus. But many MPs particularly from opposition have since rejected the money saying it should be given to communities that are starving. However, Bobi Wine said he was returning a bribe.

Below is his full statement.This morning, I effected the transfer of 20,000,000/= (Uganda Shillings Twenty Million) back to the consolidated fund.Once again, let me reiterate that I returned this money because I believed then as I do now that it was wrongly appropriated. Members of Parliament should never sit and decide to apportion themselves taxpayers’ money in this manner.Moreover, in such a time when ordinary citizens are going through so much suffering. Moreover, the Museveni regime banned Members of Parliament and other leaders from donating food relief to their constituents. This is why Hon. Zaake is under illegal detention! It then beats logic to say that this money was distributed so that MPs help their people.

Of course the government equally appropriated billions to themselves most of which, as always will end up embezzled. This is why we are involved in a struggle for freedom!That said, we have continued to reach out and help our people using ingenious means. Ever since this outbreak started, we have reached out to more than 10,000 people with some little assistance- including many people in Kyadondo East Constituency and a lot more outside the Constituency. We’ve donated to the elderly, PWDs, orphans, as well as the National Taskforce. We have not relied on illicit funds to do this- we have mobilized ourselves and shared the little we have with our people.When the history books are opened, it will never be said that we partook in this grand theft of public funds at such a time when our nation is in such a crisis

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