[News] “Stop Using My Past Against Me, I will Unleash the Unthinkable”- Prophet Elvis Mbonye Threatens

Ever since prophet Elvis Mbonye stated that “God told him About Coronavirus in 2019”, Ugandans on social media started trolling him, bringing back all his dirty past but now he has promised to unleash the unthinkable if they don’t stop. Ugandans on social have resurrected Mbonye’s old photos showing how he looked like back in the years when he was still broke and struggling with life saying that he got all the money from his Sheep.It i also said that these photos were taken when he used to work in some Lufula in Kabale and that he used to do so many nasty things before God showed him his destiny with Pr. Bujingo via Kisoro.

Now the stylish city Prophet, Elvis Mbonye has warned the head of state H.E president Museveni to stop spoiling his name or else he will unleash an unpredictable prophesy against him.

Watch the video below:

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