[News] Woman infected with coronavirus give birth to twins, names after the disease

A Mexican woman who has contracted deadly coronavirus has given birth twins34-year-old Annamaria José Raphael Gonzalez gave birth to twins while she was infected with the coronavirus at Hospital General La Villa in Mexico City.she gave birth to two healthy babies at approximately 2 am this morning, a girl named Corona José Miguel Gonzalez and a boy named Virus José Miguel Gonzalez.“I didn’t have any names planned and one doctor suggested I called them Corona and Virus because I was infected with COVID-19 and I thought it was a wonderful idea,” Gonzalez told reporters.Doctor Eduardo Castillas, at Mexico’s Hospital General La Villa says he only intended the names to be a joke, but is glad the mother is healthy as well as both children.“I told her she should call them Corona and Virus as a joke but it seems she took it seriously,” Doctor Eduardo Castillas said laughingly.Annamaria Gonzalez had planned to give birth in the United States next week but was forced into labor before she could reach the border.“I knew I was infected with COVID-19 but I wanted to give my children a chance to have a U.S. citizenship by crossing the border,” she told reporters.

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