(News)Woman complains of too much sex from husband during lockdownWoman complains of too much sex from husband during lockdown

From all indications, it appears men love sex more than women. Because all videos are showing complaints of women ‘whining’ about too much sex during this lockdown from their men.

The first case was what we saw in Nigeria where a woman ran out of their room, protesting against her husband that the sex has become just too much for her that she can’t handle it any longer.

Well, a new video is going viral that sees a woman complaining of a similar experience.

The yet-to-be-identified Ghanaian woman was telling her husband that having sex with her morning, afternoon and evening non-stop is making her ‘womanhood’ to pain her.

She noted that President Nana Addo didn’t implement the lockdown so that couples can have sex but rather as a preventive measure against the spread of Coronavirus.

The man whose voice could be heard in the background also told the woman that he’s bored so she should come over for ‘entertainment’.

Again, the woman replied that he can watch TV or better still go out and receive fresh air.

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