‘No School,No Alcohol & Cigarettes For 6 Months’ – Botswana Sets Out Tough Regulations For Lockdown

The Parliament of Botswana has decreed the rules and regulations pertaining to the national lockdown in a bid to contain the outbreak of the novel coronavirus.This follows after president Mokgweetsi Masisi proposed extending a state of emergency in the country to last six months.The parliament resolved that the lockdown will end on the 30th of April however schools will be closed for the next 6 months.The country also dealt a heavy low to the imbibers by banning the sale of alcohol and cigarettes for 6 while months.Below are the regulations set forthRegulations approved by Parliament means the following shall happen:

Botswana recorded 7 more coronavirus cases, including one death and there are worries that the numbers might surge if preventive action is not taken.Thus far, the confirmed number of coronavirus positive cases in Botswana is 13.Botswana’s MPs were all placed under compulsory quarantine by the Minister of Health after it was revealed that a health worker who was on duty at yesterday’s Parliament session tested positive for Coronavirus.

1.Lockdown will end on the 30th April 2020.

2. Schools will be closed for 6 months.

3. Entry into Botswana is prohibited unless one is a citizen or resident in Botswana for 6 months, unless the President directs otherwise.

4. Gatherings of 2 or more people are prohibited for 6 months.

5. Not more than 50 people are to attend a funeral in the next 6 months.

7. No visits to hospitals, prisons and rehabilitation centres in the next 6 months.

8. Restaurants will only open for takeaway services in the next 6 months.

9. Alcohol and cigarettes will not be sold for 6 months.

10. No employee will be retrenched in the next 6 months unless the business closes.

11. Employees do not have the right to strike in the next 6 months.

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