[Relationship] Dating Rumors! Korede Bello and Iyabo Ojo’s Daughter’s Romantic Video Whilst Trying To Promote New Song (WATCH)

It will be hard to believe after watching this new video by Nigerian singer Korede Bello and Priscilla Ojo, daughter of popular Nollywood actress Iyabo Ojo.The two young adults have been in the news some time back over reports that they are dating.Although none of them have come out to confirm as Korede Bello denied their affair, grapevine suggests they are seeing each other behind closed doors.

It appears they could not hold back their feelings for each other whilst wallowing in the dark anymore as they have finally brought their bromance to light.In what seems to be a romantic video sighted on Korede Bello’s Instagram page, one can easily conclude that what the two have for each other is deeper than mere friendship or better still likeness.

He said, ” People see me as a womanizer. I don’t even know what that word mean anymore. I guess when one attracts a lot of female attention and love, they call one a womaniser. As for my rumoured relationship with Priscilla, she would be in a better position to respond to that (laughs).”Speaking on wedding bells and his kind of ‘wife material, Korede Bello says, “Wedding bells are always sounding every Saturday. Perhaps, you have not been paying attention. I even try to put bells in my songs because my name is Bello. If you listen closely to the song, ‘Sun mo Mi’, you would hear wedding bells and hints of a potential wedding.

As for the qualities I would like in my dream woman, the only quality that truly matters is a strong connection. A connection with God, herself and with me. Every other thing doesn’t really matter. Besides, a dream woman will always be a dream. I want a real woman.”

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