[Relationship] “He comes home to me” – Tracy Sarkcess reacts to Sarkodie smooching ladies in music videos

Most women in the position of Tracy, after marrying their husbands – who are musicians – would always fight over slay queens hovering around their hubbies in music videos and shows.However, Tracy Sarkcess has reacted to this differently as she reveals the only thing that matters to her aside Sark’s showmanship.In a #SrAskTracySarkCess which an interactive session between the rapper’s wife and her followers, a fan asked,“How do you feel when all this fines ladies come around him and he begins to touch and smooch them in a music video?” .

Surprisingly, Tracy showed a high level of maturity as she posited that hardly does she see the rapper smooching ladies in his videos. She added that even if he does in his videos, its all part of his craft of which she highly respects and appreciates.Climaxing her response she said the most important thing is that after the rapper has embarked on his tours, shot his videos, performed on stage, he always comes back to her.She wrote; “Lol have you seen him smooching someone in a video? Anyway, the music videos are part of the job. It’s part of content creation. And at the end of the day he comes home to me

”See tweet below:

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