[VIDEO] Sarkodie Should Start Tweeting In Twi Or Join Shatta Wale To Tweet In Pidgin Because His English Doesn’t Make Sense

Ghanaian rapper, Micheal Owusu well known as “Sarkodie” should start tweeting in Twi because his English doesn’t make sense or better still, he should tweet in Pidgin as Shatta Wale has been doing. Those around Sarkodie should advise him to leave the Queen’s language to the grammarians because it’s embarrassing.

Sarkodie once again is being trolled over a grammatical mess on Twitter and in fact, this grammatical mess makes his tweet totally rubbish and meaningless.

Sarkodie made a tweet pleading with President Akufo Addo to open the borders of Ghana so that Ghanaians stuck outside the country due to coronavirus outbreak could get the chance to come home. Well, the grammarians on Twitter are trolling Sarkodie for one grammatical error in his tweet which makes the entire tweet have a different meaning from what he actually wanted to communicate to President Akufo Addo.Here is Sarkodie’s tweet that has turned him into a laughing stock on Twitter

Sarkodie instead of “Borders” wrote “Boarders”. And the meaning of “Boarder” “is someone who rents a room in someone’s house. It can also be a student who lives and studies away from home at a boarding school”.And this grammatical mess by Sarkodie makes his tweet pleading with the President to open “boarders” meaningless! The correct word appropriate for his tweet is “borders”.Check this video out and laugh your lungs out…

Watch Video Below

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