[Video] Young man stripped naked and beaten for sleeping with someone’s girlfriend

A young man has been stripped naked and given severe lashes of his lifetime after he was caught sleeping with another man’s girlfriend.Obviously the video in our possession looks funny and sad at the same time as the young man is seen pleading for mercy at the expense of another well built man who is giving him the lashes he deserves. Though we cannot tell what led to the unfortunate scene, the narration from the background of the video proves the young man is fond of sleeping around with people’s girlfriends.However, this time around he run out of luck and was busted in the room of a lady he was chopping. He was given some hot lashes and made to swear he will never return to such acts.We hope he has learnt his lessons from this experience. May his wounds heal as soon as possible. As to when the video surfaced on the internet, we can’t say, but this one incident that we must all learn from.


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