[+18] Russian Nurse Treats Covid 19 Patient While In Underwear Only

A nurse in Russia who treated Covid-19 patients wearing only an underwear is being threatened with a sanction after her photos went viral across social media. The revealing picture was taken by a COVID-19 patient in a male ward in Tula, south of Russian capital Moscow.

According to him, there were ‘no complaints’ from fellow patients. The unnamed nurse in her 20s reportedly told her superiors at Tula Regional Clinical Hospital that she didn’t realise the PPE was so transparent. She also claimed she was “too hot” wearing the uniform. The hospital chiefs punished the nurse for ‘non-compliance with the requirements for medical clothing’ before the regional health ministry also confirmed that “a disciplinary sanction was applied to the nurse of the infectious diseases department who violated (uniform) requirements”.

One patient said there was no objection from men in the coronavirus ward while admitting there was ‘some embarrassment’. A reader of local newspaper Tula News congratulated the nurse.

‘At least someone has a sense of humour in this gloomy, gloomy reality,’ said Sergey Ratnikov.

A woman commenter Marina Astakhova posted:

‘Well done, she raised the mood of the patients.’

And Valery Kapnin wrote:

‘Why punish the nurse, you need to reward her. ‘Seeing this outfit, no-one wants to die.’

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