[Entertainment]Eno Barony Finally Replies Critics Who Say She Doesn’t Have A Hit Song

Many people have label rapper Eno Barony as an artiste who still doesn’t have a hit song despite many years in the Industry. According to Critics, she should work on getting hit songs than concentrating on beefs.

Well, Eno Barony has answered no hit song critics in an interview with Amansan Krakye on Radio Central. Eno Barony said,

“What I can tell those who say I don’t have hit songs is that as for humans we can never be perfect. You’ll be better somewhere and be lacking elsewhere.So once someone tells me something like that, I need to listen attentively, work harder and advise myself accordingly”

.Eno Barony  also revealed that her consistency for these past weeks during the beef has massively increased her fan-base as many have begun to appreciate her God given talent.

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