[Entertainment]Reggie Rockstone Punches Shatta Wale Again

The beef between legendary Hiplife artiste, Reggie Rockstone, and multiple award-winning Dancehall artiste, Shatta Wale has taken the newest convolution.

The beef started when Shatta Wale in an interview accentuated that Reggie Rockstone’s music craft had no impact in Ghana’s music scene, adding that, he wasn’t the originator of rap in Ghana as presumed.

According to Shatta Wale, Reggie lives a fake lifelike rapper Sarkodie – they are broke but live lavish lives on social media.

Reggie Rockstone, however, rubbished Shatta’s claim insisting that his music went global due to rap, adding that, he was able to do songs with Beenie Man and Wyclef Jean because of rap music.

Reggie affirmed extensively that, the ‘Kpuu Kpaa” crooner goofed with his statement per records and he doesn’t have to waste much time on him.

As expected ,the “Wumaame Twe” hitmaker again replied Reggie Rockstone, recapitulating his claim that the veteran musician had no impact in the music sphere.

According to Shatta, the Grandpapa only achievement is selling ‘waakye’ and thus he is still staying in his father’s house . However,Just as it looked like the beef had been repealed, Reggie Rockstone has reignited it again.

In an interview on TV3’s New Day show on Wednesday sighted by RazzNews.com, the legendary Reggie Rockstone, went haywire by indicating strenuously that those claiming his only achievement is selling ‘waakye’ are stupid.

According to the legendary Musician, ‘Waakye” has been part of his destiny and has therefore decided to take the popular Ghanaian food to the world like he did with Hip-life music:

“Well, i must say stupid people stay stupid…I don’t really have time for stupid people;They will eat KFC,they will eat McDonald’s, they will eat what ever else; but they will down their own food… I’m trying to make ‘Waakye’ be as number one has the same way you have your KFC,pizza kenkey ..You saw the Jollof war? the whole world, that was the brand here”.Reggie Rockstone angrily said. we

“So the whole thing is i’m taking this thing to the world; just like I did with my music Hip-life, i am taking the food to the world…As for the music am playing for you, how does the money in my pocket concern you? I’m also giving you food too you are angry…I really thank God for “Waakye”. Reggie added.

Reggie Rockstone’s wife,Zilla Limann–a daughter of late Ghanaian President, Dr. Hilla Limann, whom he was on the show with, after revealing that they’ve been selling ‘Waakye “for a decade, advised that:

“As a musician, you have to diversify…Musician especially in Ghana you have to get a fallback plan…you don’t have to rely solely on the fame..if you swim in the fame alone you would be messed up at the end of it all; because the fame wouldn’t be there forever “.

“So whiles you are there how do you invest? We’ve invested in Rockstone’s Office ,out of it came ‘Waakye’,we are selling ‘Waakye’ …So it’s a whole cycle”.She added

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