[General News] Madagascar Cures 92 Coronavirus Patients With It New Found Herbal Medicine.

It is reported that Madagascar has developed the organic cure for Corona Virus and it has cured 92 patients out from the 128 confirmed cases in the country with zero deaths.

Many countries around the world wrote Madagascar off when it was first announced that they have found the cure for the deadly novel coronavirus. Many are those who disputed the claim stating that the drug is not approved by the WHO as the cure for the virus.

Cambodia is the next country with the highest recovery rate after taking some of the drug to treat it people. Out of the 122 confirmed cases, 119 have recovered with zero deaths recorded. Senegal has joined the train of countries travelling to the Island to pick up the drug to cure it people.

Madagascar used “artemisia annua” also known as sweet wormwood and other additives the manufacturing of the cure. The brain behind the cure is Dr jerome Munyangi from Madagascar the inventor, creator and manufacturer of the madagascar magic herbal drink. The drug is named COVID-ORGANICS which prevents and cures corona Virus.

Africa is has once again risen to the occasion with this great discovery in a short time since the virus broke out. It is proving to be the best drug and we hope it cures all Africans and the rest of the world.

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