[Lifestyle] 15 Best Sarkodie Quotes that will strengthen you

Sarkodie (@Sarkodie) known in real life as ‘Michael Owusu Addo’ is one of Ghana’s for that matter Africa’s most finest rapper(rap-god).Aside been a great force behind the success of African Music,he never ceases to inspire and motivate his fans using his Social Media Handles. The quotes below are some of his piece:

  • 1. Take your art work (craft) seriously.- Sarkodie

  • 2. Be a trend-setter and not a trend-follower.-Sarkodie

  • 3. Avoid taking ‘short-cuts’ to success because there are not any. If you do,you will find yourself out on a lonely road watching dreams pass by you! -Sarkodie

  • 4. You just have to turn your back on somethings.-Sarkodie

  • 5. As you climb the ladder of success, check occasionally to make sure it is leaning against the right wall!- Sarkodie

  • 6. At any given moment,you have the power to say this is not how the story is going to end. – Sarkodie

  • 7. Blessings show up in many different forms. Don’t ever second guess God’s reasoning!- Sarkodie

  • 8. We all got to be strong in tough times so we don’t make wrong decision trying to escape situations.-Sarkodie

  • 9. Don’t just be successful but be excellent, be great. Do something positive with Your life and time. Think positive and stay focused.-Sarkodie

  • 10. Committ your plans to God. And see Him work things out for you.-Sarkodie

  • 11. If it doesn’t work, try again!-Sarkodie

  • 12. Better days ahead. Keep that in mind. Keep on the grind and don’t give up.-Sarkodie

  • 13. Surround yourself with smart and positive people. -Sarkodie

  • 14. Don’t just be busy; be focused and productive. Set goals and work towards them.-Sarkodie

  • 15. Increase your knowledge base. Read and do research on the areas you find yourself.- Sarkodie

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