[Lifestyle] Nigerian teenage girl scrolled for posting “I’m the reason he’ll be home late tonight”.

Social Media have become a tool for both young and old people to express how they feel. In the social media, everyone is seen as age mates due to privileges of sitting at the comfort at your zones to post whatever you feel like.

In recent time, the cyberspace has become overwhelmed with the influx of upcoming and established slay queens. Though we can not say the real motive of sharing whatever they feel like.

In the last 24 hours, a young girl became a Twitter sensation after she made a controversial tweet and attached it with a caption that she is the reason why another man would be late in returning home.”I’m the reason he’ll be home late today” the young girl who should be in her teen shared.

Her controversy tweet attracted over 1, 000 engagement as people reacted differently. Some even advised her not to be a reason for another person broken marriage. A twitter user says he did not blame her due to the fact that she may be suffering from boredom. he said “Don’t worry about ur boredom, girl…

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