[News]I Can Never Date Dangote – Nollywood Actress Brags

Budding Nigerian actress Oyinkansola Emmanuel has made a shocking revelation about the kind of man she wants to date and get married to.

African richest man, Aliko Dangote even doesn’t stand a chance to marry Oyinkansola Emmanuel if he should express interest in marrying her.

The U.Sbased Yoruba actress explained in a live interview with Newsman Gbolahan Adetayo that she likes God-fearing, tall, respectful and above all someone who would be available for her all the time.

According to her, a shot man is a no, no because she is short so marrying a short man means they would give birth to dwarfs.

Probing further, the interviewer asked if her mind would remain the same if Dangote were a short man and proposed to her.

She replied; ‘ “It is not about your wealth, achievement or your status. It is a matter of choice. I won’t feel the love like having my kind of man. Nothing a man can use to entice me that will freak me.

“You just have to be tall. I can’t even marry someone like Dangote because he is a busy type, he might not be with with me physically. Not every problems money can solve, sometimes you just need the man’s presence.

“I am not saying I don’t need money, a man that must marry me must be okay in his only little way, he should be able to cater for his family, not the one that will become a burden on me. Even if he doesn’t have the millions yet, I will still go with him if he is my choice,” she claimed.

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