[News]Our Coronavirus cases are rising because the government is certainly failing Ghanaians – Mahama

Former Presiden John Dramani Mahama has linked the upsurge in the Coronavirus cases in Ghana to the failure of the government to manage the situation.

In a tweet, the flagbearer of the NDC cautioned Ghanaians to stick to the precautionary measure needed to ensure the containment of the virus.

“From 3,091 to 4,012 #COVID19 cases within 24 hours; Government is certainly failing the people of Ghana. Fear gripped many homes last night when the latest confirmed cases were released. And that is understandable. #COVID19 is real, my brothers and sisters.”

“I want to encourage you to protect yourself. Regular handwashing with soap and under running water is a must. Stay home but if you have to go out for any reason including work, wear your mask, take along a hand sanitizer, and always disinfect commonly used and touched surfaces,” Mahama tweeted.

Ghana’s Coronavirus case count is at 4,012 with 18 deaths and 323 recoveries. However, the country is no longer under lockdown while citizens are being coerced to observe preventive measures like wearing face masks and observing social distancing

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