[Photos] 100 Percent Sarkodie’s Lookalike Pops up on social media

A lookalike of Ghanaian rapper Sarkodie has popped up on social media and it has got the whole internet buzzing because the resemblance is so striking that the lookalike could easily be mistaken for real man even by those who are close to Sarkodie. In photos sighted by Dbk the photos of a lookalike Sarkodie and we were so marveled we couldn’t keep this away from our cherished audience. From the head to the eye, nose, mouth, and in fact, everything about the guy is absolutely Sarkodie. Sarkodie’s himself would believe it if he were told the guy is his twin.

Photos of Sarkodie’s Lookalike

Photos of Real Sarkodie

Ghanaian Comedian Dbk wanted to see if Ghanaians could tell whether the lookalike was Sarkodie or not. He asked his followers to tell who was Sarkodie and who was not He posted the photos of sarkodie and the lookalike on Twitter with caption:

Which one is Sarkodie?

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