[Video]AY Poyoo in trouble as Hon. Aponkye threatens to sue him for using his name to trend | Watch Video

The sensation of AY Poyoo is probably going to be hit with a claim by bombed assemblyman Hon. Aponkye genuine name Nana Adabor Ibrahim Isaah Ampim.

As per Hon. Aponkye, the humorist and rapper is attempting to take his name Aponkye so he can pattern and he wouldn’t sit inactive and watch that to occur.

In a meeting with Delight News, Noteworthy Aponkye communicated disappointment with the way that AY Poyoo is riding on ‘his alone’ trademark, Aponkye to pick up distinction, and he’s prepared to sue him since he has enlisted his Aponkye title.

Watch the video

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