[Entertainment]Rick Ross Ordered To Pay His Baby Mama, Briana Camille $8,500 A Month In Temporary Child Support

Music superstar, Rick Ross has been ordered to pay $8,500 a month in temporal child support to his ex-girlfriend and baby mama, Briana Camille by a court.
At the moment, she is pregnant with their third child.

The Judge, Christopher Edwards in his statement stated that the rapper should begin making $8,500 a month payment and this comes after their child support battle.

In the ruling, the judge noted that $6,000 of the child payment will go to the caring for the couple’s two kids, Berkeley and Billion

The remaining $2,500 will pay for a nanny to help with the kids while Briana continues with a pregnancy of their third child.

The musician will subsequently pay a whopping $40,000 towards his baby mama’s legal fees and $23,337 to cover her out of pocket expenses, like $2,000 a month in groceries, $1,500 in rent and $600 in phone expenses.

The expenses include service for an iPad she said he insisted they get for their oldest child

Source: KwabenaHolic

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