[Entertainment]Shatta Wale is lying about making $65,000 so far on Youtube this year 2020

Shatta Wale has once again come out to reveal that he was handed over $65,000 and this is what he raked from Youtube as earnings on his videos and audios uploaded thereon.
We must admit that Youtube is one of the platforms where creatives make money for the piece of art.

However, it’s not like a gold mine where you can go and fetch money like sand. There are metrics that factor into how money is made.

Taking a close look at Shatta Wale’s youtube account, his views and stats don’t simply make sense to make him $65,000 from January to June 2020 as he proclaimed during a call-in session on Sammy Flex’s Showbiz Daily TV show.

He also posted it on his Snapchat handle. He wrote: “$65k from Youtube. GOD”.

But if he’s bold enough to tell us how much he made, then, he should post a screenshot of the earnings for us all to see and review.

This is in no way an expression of hatred for the dancehall musician but it’s high time he stops bragging about untrue things just to put pressure on others.

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