[Celebrity Gist] Shatta Wale exposed for appearing in video with fake Beyonce

Ever since a snippet of the already video was leaked online, many have come forth with their observations and among the many criticisms is one which points out to the fact that the Beyonce in the Already music video is fake.If we do remember clearly we talked about how Shatta Wale might have misled us after the snippet of the video revealed it was shot in Ghana meanwhile he had informed the public the video was shot in the US. Well this new fake Beyonce developments seem to be heavier than the former as it has caused a lot of arguments in recent times with a section also arguing that she is the real Beyonce. The issue however was going to be laid to rest as the full video is not out yet, until a popular Videographer by name Kwadwo Buernortey came forth to share his expertise knowledge

His revelations has sparked new flames as it has gotten music lovers divided again.

Personally I think we should hold our horses and wait as 31st is just around the curve. Hopefully it comes with more revelations as it seems the images circulating now aren’t clear enough for deciphering purposes.

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