[Entertainment]First in History: Funeral Poster of Albino known as ‘Ofri Gyato’ Causes Stirs Online

You might have probably heard that, Albinos do not die simply because you haven’t seen any funeral or obituary poster of them.

Well, this might be your first time or perhaps second time for you seeing this.

There is an utter dismay on Social Media as users wake up to spot the obituary poster of an albino for the first time.

It appears Ghanaians are extremely curious to catch a glimpse of the obituary poster of an Albino young man who died at the age of 26.

In Ghana, there’s a popular myth that ‘Albinos don’t die, they just disappear’ and for the people of facebook, it was the first time first time in history of their time seeing and hearing the demise of a person with albinism, and let alone see an obituary poster.

Adinkra Boniface who is popularly known as DJ Bonnie was laid in state yesterday, Saturday 18 June at Koraso.

Even though the cause of death is not known, but we wishes him a farewell.

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