[Video]Shocking as Supposed Hand Sanitizer turns Acid at Kaneshie Market | Watch Video

As sanitizers abound due to the coronavirus pandemic, the more reason why you ought to be mindful and watchful of what you buy on the market especially those that are not tested or approved by the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) unlike like Adonko, Kasapreko to mention but a few.

The unemployment rate continues to spike up and many are thus looking for an easy way out and will go to any length to make ends meet without considering the dangers or the consequences it comes with it or its effect on the other person whatsoever.

Ghanaians who are however known for their persistent “After all, it’s the same thing” remarks always land themselves in trouble as they usually prefer ‘quantity over quality’, cheap over expensive, and fake over genuine products and its high time we desist from such acts, instead should take time to read labels, check the expiry dates as many fail to do and most importantly the source it is coming from. Is it registered or is a product you can trust 100%.

ln the video shown below, a supposed ‘Bernice Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitizer’ rather contains acid after it was tested on a piece of material at the Kaneshie Market in Accra today; instantly melting a hole right through the fabric.

Sourcce:Nsem wo krom

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