Criss Waddle Is the only Rapper Who Gave me the toughest Battle In Ghana before I Won – SARKODIE

Sarkodie is known by everyone to be the king of rap in Ghana and Africa as well. He has won many awards since he came into the scene and still getting nominations. He has defeated many rappers in a battle which he has defended his title till now. He is known both in Ghana and the whole world because of his unique talent and style of rapping.

One day he met friends, they were talking about his rap journey and all that. They asked him the toughest battle he had and he will never forget According to him , no rapper gave him that tough battle except a current member of the AMG group, Criss Wadle.

According to Sarkodie, he came to meet Chris Waddle as the king of Kasahare levels and therefore he was very strong and has defeated many rappers. Since Sarkodie himself also defeated many rappers, they met in the battle as champions and that marks his toughest moment. According to him, he was even surprised if someone could do such a rap full of punches and speed. Thus, Chris Waddle made very superb verses which he had to provide better before he could win.Again, he realised in the battle that Chris Waddle was just comfortable. He didn’t fear anything that he has met Sarkodie and therefore be panicking a little.Whiles Chris Waddle has taken the battle so easy and comfortable, he was struggling inside to be better than him.But all the same, the battle ended where he really worked hard and influenced people to call and vote for him since they were doing it on a radio station. Even talking about the vote, the difference between their vote was very small. That was the only rap battle that took Sarkodie to struggle before he won in Ghana according to him.

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