[Entertainment] Shatta Wale Has made you Depressed, Sarkodie being trolled by fans after meatpie and fanmilk Tweet

Social media users are dropping ridicule on Sarkodie’s head nonstop after he posted about meat pie and yoghurt.

Sarkodie was complaining about there being no meat in the so-called meat pies fan milk vendors sell, but for some reason he decided to mention fan milk Ghana in his tweet and complain to them.

As social media users pointed out, Fan milk do not produce the meat pies for the vendors thus Sarkodie’s question is pretty nonsensical. That led to social media users trolling Sark big time. Some even say he’s depressed due to Shatta Wale’s recent success.We can’t confirm or deny if the man is depressed that but looking at the way his fans are bleeding, we can’t rule it out that Sark is bleeding more than all of them combined.

Check out some responses to Sark’s tweet below…

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